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Song Gao's group members visited Awaga group.
Song Gao's group members visited Awaga group.




The study of molecular magnetism involves the research of ferromagnetic interactions in the organic radicals, spin frustration, spin state transition, optical magnetism, single molecular magnets and chiral magnets. Here, the spin states of molecules are directly related to the oxidation states of metal cations and organic ligands. While the oxidation states of molecules are manipulated by external stimuli, such as electrochemical methods, it is rational to expect significant change in their magnetic properties. In this project, we intend to develop strategies of tuning the oxidation states of redox active coordination complexes, such as metal-organic frameworks or molecular magnets via reversible solid-state electrochemistry, and to understand the electrochemical process and the magnetic properties of unprecedented intermediate state of these molecular materials with series of in-situ techniques. This project, “Operando Magnetic Study under Solid-State Electrochemistry for Coordination Complexes ”, will be operated under the framework of Japan-China bilateral program, facilitate the communication and collaboration between two research groups, and provide opportunities for young researchers to pursue advance scientific achievements.