JSPS 研究拠点形成事業 A.先端拠点形成型 「強相関分子系の新しい有機エレクトロニクス

JSPS Core-to-Core Program (A.Advanced Research Networks)

Organic Electronics of Highly-Correlated Molecular Systems


MC11 MC11 MC11 MC11

July 8-11, 2013

11th International Conference on Materials Chemistry

University of Warwick, UK

The 11th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC11), organized by Royal Society of Chemistry, was held at the University of Warwick, UK and attracted 500 delegates. One of the committee members was Dr. Neil Robertson, who is a CtC program coordinator from the UK side. During this 4 day conference, plenary talks were given by 8 speakers, including 2 Nobel laureates, providing an excellent opportunity to learn the history and state-of-the-art in many of the fields comprising “materials chemistry”. Other lectures were distributed across four parallel sessions. Prof. Awaga gave a keynote lecture at the “Electronic, Magnetic & Optical Materials” session. Fifteen graduate students/young researchers of CtC member groups gave poster presentations. In summary, this conference provided a great opportunity to highlight and discuss our research results, and to exchange ideas for future study.

Royal Society of Chemistry が主催する11th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC11)が約500名の参加者を集めて、英国Warwick大学で開催された。主催者の一人は、本CtCプログラムの英国側のコーディネーターであるエジンバラ大学のN. Robertsonであった。4日間の会議中には、二人のノーベル受賞者を含む8件のplenary talkがあり、各分野の歴史や最先端研究の状況を知ることができた。その他の講演は4つの会場にわかれて実施され、阿波賀はElectronic, Magnetic & Optical Materialsのセッションでkeynote lectureを行った。また、大学院生や若手研究者を中心に15名のCtCプログラム参加者がポスター発表を行い、それぞれの研究成果を発信するとともに、情報交換をする機会を得た。

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